Learn how to create with a positive mindset! 


Invigorated Composer Course Over Zoom



Have you ever felt frustrated as a composer? This frustration could stem from applying to countless opportunities and being rejected. It could come from a severe writer’s block that inhibits your creativity. It could result from feeling pressured to think and be what you aren’t. Maybe it was a traumatic experience with performers or mentors. Or even worse, you are in denial of your artistic insecurities; a ticking time bomb that could destroy your output! 


All of these problems could result in a limited work output, an unhappy career, and eventually giving up on composition. There is the assumption that everything will work out someday, but it never does. The market is unbelievably unforgiving, so how do you navigate this? 


Hold on to your art! Get invigorated! 


Almost anyone can learn how to be the composer they want to be if they prioritize the right techniques. 


I have developed an outlook of composition that prioritizes emotionally healthy artist practices,  audience-centered composition, and ways to create music for audiences. I will bring an awareness of problems for composers. Having over 20 commissions, I can give you the guidance to become the composer you want to be. Coming from humble beginnings, I believe anything is possible as an artist if you have the passion and the right mindset. 


With the right guidance and perspective, you can be writing the music you want. 


-Get an authentic perspective about music composition based on empirical evidence

-Learn to follow your instincts instead of denying them

-Learn to strike a balance between cliche and unrelatable

-Learn about your audience based on your goals

-Stop wasting time doing things that don’t matter


Transform from a tentative student into a strong, opinionated artist


-Learn to recognize the difference between opinions and facts

-Avoid peer pressure in composition

-Hang out with the right people, the people who will take you places

-Stop doing the things that don’t resonate with you

-Determine your voice

-Stop talking about academic narratives and focus on practical skills


Learn to withstand opposition and promote mentally healthy outlooks


-Recognize toxic situations

-Become more aware of your feelings

-Nurture a growth mindset

-Overcome composing anxiety

-Deal with failure

-Learn what you can and can’t control

-Get over insecurities


Become less prejudiced


-Learn to appreciate music like the audience

-Open your mind to different ways of thinking

-Shed unproductive attitudes

-Learn not to feel threatened

-Learn about money


I’m offering you the Invigorated Composer course in 3 plans. Every one of these are killer deals; a better value than practically any summer activity for a composer. The best part: no need to travel anywhere. This entire course is ONLINE! 


Another awesome part about this course is that it focuses on individual lessons and is adaptable based on student needs. Individual lessons are meant to explore problems unique to you, not anyone else. This is a way better use of your resources than masterclasses. A few masterclasses are possibly a part of this, depending on relevance to multiple students. 


Session: June & July


Early bird fees (After May 20th, fees increase by $50): 


30 Minute Consultations Bi-weekly $150

30 Minute Lessons $300

1 Hour Lessons for $600