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Learn how to create with a positive mindset! 


The Resilient Composer Course Online

Robert Anton Strobel


Are you frustrated with your compositions? This frustration could have been from being rejected from countless opportunities. You could have a writer’s block. You could feel pressure to think and be what you aren’t. Maybe you have had a crappy time with mentors. Even worse, these mentors were supposed to help you, but made things worse. You feel awful that you aren’t prestigious enough. Or the worst of all, you ignore your self-doubts; a ticking bomb that will destroy your composing habits! 


These problems are going to slow you down. You will eventually give up. Don’t believe everything will work out. You have to do something about it. 


Don’t tolerate this crap anymore. Become resilient! 


Anyone can learn to be the composer they want if they prioritize the right techniques. 


I have developed a program prioritizing emotionally healthy artist practices, audience-centered composition, and ways to create music for audiences. With over 20 commissions, a unique life story, and numerous accolades, I will give you the guidance to become the composer you want to be. I know that it’s not easy to be a composer. I’ve experienced it myself. I have had doors slammed in my face. I have had to deal with people who hated me. This training is important if you want to survive as a composer emotionally. If you ignore the emotional part of composition, bad things are going to happen sooner or later: burnout, lack of creativity, and a lackluster life. 


You could be writing the music you want. 


-You will get a real-life perspective about music composition

-You will be able to have better emotional habits

-You will stop wasting time on composing habits that won’t make a difference in your career

-You will stop thinking in antiquated ways

-You will endure criticism about your works better by understanding it

-You will become more aware of your feelings and use them to your benefit

-You will learn to make gutsy decisions that will lead to success 

-You will free yourself from the beliefs that hold you back

-You will build your artistic identity

-You will confidently express your art to others

-You will become resilient


I’m offering you the Invigorated Composer course in 2 plans; a better value than practically any fall composer activity. The best part: no need to travel anywhere. This entire course is ONLINE! 


This course focuses on individual lessons and is adaptable based on student needs. Individual lessons are meant to explore problems unique to you, not anyone else. This is a much better use of your resources than masterclasses. 


Claim a spot now; there are only 3 -10 spots at a time. If you are ready to make your composition practice better, sign up below for a free, no-obligation chat. Any opportunities that arise related to the Resilient Composer’s courses will be free if you sign up through here. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 


Session: TBA

30 Minute Lessons.  Discussed during Zoom meeting. 


If you sign up for the full hour lessons, you will receive a discount. I appreciate your commitment to becoming a resilient composer! Also lessons are at a frequency you prefer!


1 Hour Lessons.  First lesson free. Discussed during Zoom meeting.

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