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boring-proof yourself; the resilient composer course, summer 2024, july 1 - august 5


Boring-Proof Yourself

How do you know if your music is boring? 


I’ve been to plenty of concerts where I was bored out of my mind. 


As pitiful as it sounds, saying “I won competition X” or “I got a performance” tends to get more of a reaction from people than your music.


But, if you are like me, you are sick of that. 


Even the best composers struggle with people engaging with their music. 


How do we solve that? 


I’ve learned that interest is often determined by what you are telling your audience. 


That’s a challenge! Audiences often don’t know what they are looking for. 


So, composers, do you accept that challenge? 


That’s what we’ll learn about. 


Here are the things we will talk about: 


-The financial cost of not maintaining interest, and other money problems


-Unleashing the power of an audience


-My step-by-step process of finding fulfillment in a composing niche in 1-2 years 


How to pay/work for this opportunity

Up to 3 research assistantships will be given to worthy, hard-working applicants. 


If selected in the first week, the rest of the course will be free. 


The Resilient Composer is devoted to researching and teaching the social aspects of music composition. 


100% money back guarantee or your money back; I care about you what you learn!


The cost of the first week is $19.97, $197.97 for the rest of the weeks. 

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