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Prelude #1 Lullaby For A Lost SisterKatherine Avery
00:00 / 02:30
Fugue #1 Leaving Her FanfareKatherine Avery
00:00 / 03:56
Prefugue #2 Evocation Of Fry SauceChad Spears
00:00 / 04:11
Prelude #3 Mountain DriveLeonidas Lagrimas
00:00 / 05:48
Postlude #2 Boise PaperworkChad Spears
00:00 / 04:37
Dusty Roads To The SkyLeonidas Lagrimas
00:00 / 04:45

Pianists from all over the world (or other people interested in the project) can commission a short, 2 to 5 minute prelude or fugue with titles related to the places, history, or culture unique to the western half of the United States. Each work composed by Robert Strobel will begin in a different modality and pitch center in the manner of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, moving up by step in sequential order and starting on C. With  the completion of all movements and performances of individual works by commissioners, the final epic work with 24 preludes and 24 fugues will ideally be presented by a single pianist at a recital, pending a completion. Each movement will have the commissioner below the title in the score and the performance will be featured on the site. ASK ABOUT THE RATES. 



The first commission: Commissioned by Katherine Avery. Centennial, CO.  

"Lullaby for a Lost Sister"

 The second commission: 

Commissioned by Chad Spears. Boise, ID.

"Boise Paperwork"

The third commission:

Commissioned by  Leonidas Lagrimas. Fredonia, NY.

"Mountain Drive"

The fourth commission:

Commissioned by Katherine Avery. Centennial, CO

"Them Cattle"


The first commission: 

Commissioned by Katherine Avery. Centennial, CO.  

"Leaving Her Fanfare"

The second commission: 

Commissioned by Chad Spears. Boise, ID.  "Evocation of Fry Sauce"

The third commission:

Commissioned by Leonidas Lagrimas, Fredonia, NY.

"Dusty Roads To The Sky"

The fourth commission:

Commissioned by

Katherine Avery. Centennial, CO. 

"Prairie Dreams"

"Dusty Roads to the Sky"


  1. All commissioners will receive free copies of all  the pieces written for the ongoing project.

  2. A single pianist can commission more than one prelude or fugue to the maximum of seven. The goal will be to have 48 pieces in all. 

  3. The work must be performed and recorded at a recital at least a year from the time the commission was completed at the commissioners' volition. The recording will be sent to me over email. Let me know when it was performed. 

  4. While I appreciate any requests from pianists as to the program of the given work or the style it will be in, I have the right to suggest a different idea if it doesn't quite fit into my conception.

  5. “Western United States” refers to states that lie at least partially west of the Mississippi River in the continent of North America. Canada and Mexico are also possibilities. This is the theme of the project.

  6. I love outside funding, and will listen to any request for a work. I can try to make it happen for you. It's also possible for pianists to co-commission works. 

  7. Individual contracts will be given. Items in the project may be subject to change. 

Interested in commissioning a prelude or fugue, or sending an independent donation? Send an message discussing resources, important specifics, and interest, and I'll email you back

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