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Unicorn Garden (2023)

Unicorn Garden reflects my inner feelings of the past few years.


Being married has changed me. I'm happier. I'm more confident. In my album cover, the classic image of the caged unicorn is freed. Yes. This album is all about artistic freedom.




My composition teacher in my undergraduate was angry when I wrote an entire string quartet in a slow tempo.


Recently, I thought I would write an entire album at a slow tempo. This is the sort of music that the "bells and whistles" composition scene of academia doesn't like. And I don't care. And my audience doesn't care either.


I hope you will enjoy my 45 minutes of peace. 

Unicorn Garden Album Cover.jpg

Release dates:


Unicorn Garden 9.15.23


Garden of Earthly Dreams 4.21.23

Quiet Inspiration 11.10.23


Well of Infinity 10.30.23


Faerie Ring 10.11.23


The Sunny Path 8.11.23


Garden of Heavenly Dreams 5.19.23


Azure Butterflies 9.29.23


Starry Observatory 7.7.23

Enchanted Boat 11.24.23


Infinite Garden Dawn 12.8.23


Leaving the Garden 1.08 .24

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