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Now accepting applications throughout the year

Go at your own pace. 


People think it takes forever to learn how to write good music. But they’re wrong. 


I'm saying this as a composer with over 20 commissions, *peer review approval*, and thousands of listeners on Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok! 


Did you know that writing music is a lot easier than you think? You can save time and money learning to compose with my methods.


You can do this! 

Jessica T. had this to say about my teaching methods as they were being developed: 

“Through his patience and passion in the world of music, Dr. Strobel was able to use his expertise and experience to help me gain the confidence I needed to improve my songwriting and musical ability.”-incidentally, this student was accepted to Berklee

My students efficiently learn to write music with my WRITE MUSIC NOW method.


It requires no extensive experience in music.

In my course, I eliminated the stuff that doesn’t help you achieve your goals!


There's a big push on values instead of skills at many institutions. That's long as you agree with them and follow their path. 

If you want to be a college professor, this isn’t the course for you. Perhaps my Resilient Composer course will help you.


If you just want to learn how to write music, this is definitely the course for you! 


Only a little bit of music theory is needed in my method. We’ll fill in the gaps with what is important. 


I’ve studied what makes excellent music. I’ve listened to thousands of songs in the Billboard Hot 100. I have a doctorate in music composition and have been recognized in classical music competitions. In 2024 alone, I got 100,000 streams of my music on Spotify. 

Let me reiterate: all styles are welcome. We'll adapt this course for you! 


Here's what you will get with the  complete course: 

*The ability to email me at any time with questions. 


*Access to my Facebook Group

*Private one-on-one lessons, not the usual expensive masterclass that doesn't go into the depth you need! 

*Free access to the Resilient Composer Course whenever it happens

*Weekly meetings talking about practical topics that relate strongly with becoming a better composer

*One extra free lesson if you agree to lessons during our first lesson. 

Put in as much time as you want into the course. This course is for whatever you need or want! 

Ask about the price ranges during our meeting (it varies according to how much you want to do). I'll let you study at your own pace. 

Let me repeat: It’s impossible to progress quickly unless there is someone looking at your music and showing you what to do!

What is there to lose? Nothing. Follow your dreams to write epic music that impresses people. 

Sign up for a free lesson here. 

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