Commissions allow performing groups, solo artists, and filmmakers to collaborate with me personally. I have over twenty commissions, from large ensembles to chamber works. Please see the gallery for a short selection of  works, or the Start Listening button on  the main page. 

Information about commissions:


  1. My email is, or you can contact me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

  2. All my commissions are done under contract.

  3. I don't have rates but will certainly treat commissioners fairly. Like other musicians, a willingness to write a piece is a combination of pay, the ensemble, and my interest in the project. It's up to you to give me a fair bid, but I can make suggestions.

  4. If you tell me about one particular piece that I've written that you like, it can be helpful to me. 

  5. For larger commissions, half payment will be given in advance and the other half of the funds paid during the reception of the piece.

  6. For smaller commissions, a full payment is due immediately before the reception of the piece.

  7. A performance and a recording will be part of a musician's payment and part of the contract with concert works. 

  8. All above are subject to change.