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The Resilient Composer Course Fall Session: Silly Composer Mistakes


I used to think composing was hard


I was right… 


But not in the way I thought. Some problems are easy to fix. 


I've learned to stay away from “silly composer mistakes.” 


You can avoid them too and save time and money. 


Here’s what we’ll talk about. 


1. The biggest problem composers (and other people who dream) have today


2. Your ideas about performers and other composers are wrong (good news)


3. Why writing “accessible music” is more complicated than you thought


I struggled with all of these things when I first got out of school. I wish something like this had been there for me!


I want to share some tips and tricks with you, based on my research and experience. 


If you want things to be the same way they have always been, or you have the tendency to doubt everything, then this opportunity isn’t right for you. I respect your views, but your time is better used elsewhere.  


If you feel like there’s a smarter way than competing with 900 other applicants, this is the opportunity for you. 


If you feel like the establishment is out of touch with the struggles of composers, this is your conference. 


If you want a fairer, more open-minded way to do composition, you’ve come to the right place. 


If you want to connect with performers better, this is the place for you. 


Let’s build a community. 

Sign up for an optional, 10 minute meeting. There, we’ll determine if this online commitment is right for you. The cost and time commitment is reasonable. 


Application deadline: October 9, 2023


Weekly session times: October 23  - November 17


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