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The White Chihuahua International Piano Composers' Competition

Sign up below!

Get your piano work promoted for free for up to 33 weeks!

8-12 composers will have their piano recordings released as an album on Spotify. 


These winning composers will get:


Up to 33 weeks of free marketing + 3 weeks of paid marketing on the piano recording - that’s an estimated 1200-3000 dollar value for a fraction of that price. 


Discounts to other RCC related opportunities

Meta Ads for album

Possible curator selections, blog shout-outs, and radio broadcasts


Possibly multiple achievements on CV


Additionally, a first prize will be given to the best performing single: guaranteed future curation of another single in a future call


Sounds good to you? 


If you pass the first round application, you will be a finalist. 


All finalists will fill out another form. 


Read the rules on the first round form to make sure you don’t apply by mistake. 




Don’t have a good piano recording? Don’t worry. If you are selected and give consent, a recording can be produced for an additional fee.




This is a non-exclusive deal. Winners can use their recording however they want. 




The cost for three weeks of marketing is as low as $150. You will probably want to do more! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


Don’t waste this awesome opportunity. Apply now! There is a $3 application fee for applications after March. UPDATE: THE FEE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY ELIMINATED. APPLY NOW!

Due date: March 23rd, 2024

This competition is part of White Chihuahua Publishing and is associated with the Resilient Composer Course and Write Music Now. You do not have to be part of those courses to apply. Apply Below!



How does this work?


There are several methods used for marketing, not just one, for example submitting (sometimes for a fee) to opportunities.


It's also a system that allows you the benefit from the marketing through 36 weeks. You only pay for 3 weeks of the ad system, although you will benefit from it for much longer. There is a possibility that less than 12 winners will be selected, in that case, the number of free weeks decreases. If all goes according to plan, you'll be able market your work for free on Spotify longer than the period of 33 weeks, but this is not guaranteed. 

This is why I say "up to 33 weeks."


We hope to find a maximum of 12 winners, but we have to pick piano works that will succeed. This competition is hoping for a least 8 wonderful works, but we'll be totally transparent with you. Only pieces that can be predicted, as much as is possible, to "work," will be selected. See the application for more details. 


One great thing about this opportunity is that you will have someone that knows what they are doing in this particular niche and knows where to go. You'll probably save a lot of money compared to trying to do this on your own. 


I have put dozens of achievements on my CV using this system. 

What if I'm not satisfied?

This opportunity is protected by a 100% money back guarantee. This opportunity cares about the money that you spend towards this opportunity and won't ask you to pay for more than what you should spend. 

What are you looking for? This part of the competition seems like a pretty big deal.  

If a people aren't listening to piano works that are similar to yours, that's an issue. This competition has the obligation to make sure your song succeeds. If your piece is not as easy to market as it needs to be, it will be rejected. It has nothing to do with personal taste. There are lots of wonderful piano works that aren't easy to promote! It has nothing to do with your skills as a composer, either.  


If this opportunity doesn't meet your goals, don't apply! I wish you well. 


But if you want people to listen to your music, apply to be a finalist. It's a no-brainer! 

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